UK Pensioners Surprised to Find the Best Cover Options are found in Pre-Paid Funeral Plans... This is How They're Protecting Their Families and Saving Thousands in the Process!

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Planning a funeral can be a heavy burden, especially if your loved ones don’t know how you want to be laid to rest.

There are dozens of decisions to be made, administrative tasks to complete like getting the certificate of death, several vendors to find, contact and negotiate with, a eulogy to write and lots more. What’s more, they’re doing this while mourning, which is a massively stressful time without the added responsibility of planning a funeral - and many people make overly elaborate decisions to compensate for how sad they feel.

In many situations, the finances haven’t been sorted and loved ones are left digging into their savings or going into debt to pay for everything.

Want to protect your loved ones from bearing this burden?

From 70p per day+, you can do just that with a Funeral Plan.

In 2018, the average cost of dying has hit yet another all time high, coming in at £9,204 - with funerals costing more than double what they cost in 2004.*

The funeral industry has been taking advantage of the fact that it’s an unregulated industry by raising prices year over year at a rate that far outpaces inflation. And the price increases we’ve seen in the past are projected to continue into the future with funeral costs expected to increase nearly 20% more between 2018 and 2023.*

Here’s How You Do It:

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